What can having a personal injury lawyer do for you? Regardless of how you were injured, you should not have to pay the related expenses if you were not at fault.

The costs of an injury can add up quickly and they only begin with the medical bills. Using a car accident as an example, let’s take a look at the types of expenses that can add up:

– Emergency room visit including x-rays
– Lab work and other hospital-related costs
– Pain management prescriptions and other follow up care needs
– Return visits to your doctor
– Time lost from work
– Cost of damage to your vehicle (insurance will only cover so much)

That is only for a simple injury. What if you require surgery or have a broken bone that will take 6-8 weeks to heal?  The costs can go up by as much as ten times.  You will have wound or cast checks, might have to hire a private duty nurse to assist you, and incur time off work.  What happens if you run out of available time off and cannot go back to work? Will you still have a job or will you become unemployed?

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