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The first step is for us to work with you and come up with a plan to get the results that you are seeking on Appeal. Through our understanding of the applicable Appellate principles and your understanding of the issues, together we will craft a path to successfully advancing your position on Appeal.

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We know that undertaking an Appeal can be overwhelming. We are dedicated to finding Appellate Solutions that you can understand. If you don’t feel that you fully understand your options, just ask, and we will work to find a Solution in your Appeal that works for you.

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Notable Appellate Law Cases

  • Louis v. W. Partners, LLC B265768 12/19/17: Analysis of Home Equity Sales Act of California.
  • Bastien v. Capielo D06747 6/20/16: Malpractice claim permitted based on failure to adjudicate omitted family court assets.
  • Malek v. Fenton & Nelson B269398 11/9/17: Claims based on new legal obligations held time barred despite relation-back doctrine.
  • Cates & Tantara, LLC B240085 10/16/14: Breach of contract claim upheld based on the taking of an unauthorized salary.
  • Roy v. Steinberg B232053 7/17/13: Legal Malpractice claim barred due to lack of standing.
  • Deermont, LLC v. Ortiz B247626 4/29/15: quiet title judgment upheld on appeal based on doctrine of Res Judicata.
  • Gonzalez v. City of Santa Monica (2008) 43 Cal 4th 903: Preeminent case on Receiverships for substandard properties under the California Health & Safety Code – which has been highlighted in Los Angeles Lawyer magazine, June 2016 edition.
  • Mitchum, Jones & Templeton, Inc. v. Chronis (1977) 72 Cal.App.3d 596 140 Cal. Rptr. 160: Seminal case explaining the rules in Contractual Arbitrations in California.
  • Clermont v. Secured Investment Corp. (1972) 25 Cal. App. 3d 766,102 Cal. Rptr. 340: Development of the rules regarding allowable charges for Late Payments in mortgage loan agreements in California.
  • Demey v. Joujon-Roche, 133 Cal. Rptr. 570, 63 Cal. App. 3d 178, 63 Cal. 3d 178 – 1976: Regulation due-on-sale clauses in California land sale contracts.